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Create New Prototypes
With GenericFrame you can create software prototypes within minutes. No technical or coding skills are required. It is as simple as creating a PowerPoint presentation. To build your application you create views, add components to the view via drag & drop, edit components' properties such as colors, data, clicks and others. For more detailed information on how to create prototypes with GenericFrame see tutorials and videos.
Launch & Share Prototypes Online
Once you hit "Launch Application" you will see a temporary URL in your browser assigned to the application. You can share this URL with anyone you want. Each application has also a permanent URL where saved version can be viewed. If you need a new permanent URL (for example new version) you can save your prototype under a different name. Every time you save your project, the permanent URL for the project is updated.
You can save your prototype in your online account or download the file to your computer. This makes the organization and sharing of the prototypes as easy as organizing other documents. You can import or export prototypes from your online account anytime.
E-mail Support
We try to make your life as easier as possible and we support all our clients. If you need any assistance or have a question just drop us a line at: We will be glad to help you.
Support Pro (Phone, Skype)
For GenericFrame paid editions (online or desktop) we offer direct phone support and customer service through Skype [Skype Name: genericframe] to provide you the help you need.

For individual customized offer or our additional services, please contact us.
For educational institutions and students GenericFrame is happy to provide you a free license.