Just a few examples of GenericFrame possibilities

  • InWorx

    InWorx is a simple warehouse management system for a small business client. It is a customized solution including only needed components such as customers and warehouse information, sale items and statistics.

    Prototype metrics: 18 screens, completed in 4 hours.


  • Octopus

    Octopus is web-based application to increase productivity and collaboration between different teams. It enables project and account managers to assign different tasks to designers, monitor performance and set deadlines.

    Prototype metrics: 12 screens, completed in 4 hours.


  • LAW Office

    This application is fully featured customized solution for a law management company. Employees can monitor the status of each case, create reports and multitask on different cases.

    Prototype metrics: 25 screens, completed in 8 hours.


  • Web Desktop

    This application demonstrates the possibilities of GenericFrame stimulating Desktop environment in the browser.

    Prototype metrics: 11 screens, completed in 5 hours.